Back in Texas

I've been gad about updates over the past week since we were in Rio. Since we were in a hotel room in Rio, when we put the baby to sleep, I didn't have the time to blog. We are home in Texas and I'm going to play catch up in posting about all of the things we did and saw in Rio.

Reactions being back in the US

There are a few things that have surprised me after our six weeks in Brazil:

  1. Americans are always in a hurry. That's a double edged sword. Generally good for business, crappy for relaxation and leasure.
  2. Our glasses are huge. Just the 16 oz pint glasses we use for at home water are twice the size of the average glass in Brazil.
  3. I miss mass transit already. You get get around fast and for cheap. Take the subway to get far fast, and walk to your destination, or even take a bus. This feeling generally happens after visiting Europe as well.
  4. I miss pedestrian friendly cities. Rio and São Paulo are no where near as good as Edinburgh, but they are light years better than greater San Antonio and most US cities. Pedestrian friendly means more than sidewalks and cross walks, it's also how drivers treat walkers.
  5. Glad to be back in the land of abundant bourbon, craft beers, kolaches, and tex-mex food.
  6. Average food in the US is generally pretty awesome. We had some great food in Brazil, but we also had some really, really bad food by any standard as well.