Sugar Cane Everywhere

Almost all the farms in this area only grow sugar cane. From what I understand, most of it is grown to make alcohol. We pulled off the road yesterday to snap a quick shot near the entrance of a sugar cane plantation.

entry sign

The plants are still relatively small, they are mainly leaves. They will continue to gorw until the roots/stalks are roughly my height. They get one harvest every year. The plants themselves are used for four years, and then they are dug up, and new plants are put in their places. Here's a shot of some with a 6'3" fat American for scale next to some young sugar cane:

young cane

And when I say everyone grows sugar cane here, I mean everyone. Even when you are on the Air Force Academy base, you'll find that much of the outer land is used to grow sugar cane, that is then sold. There's a department within the government that farms government land and sells the crops for extra money.

air force cane