Forte de Copacabana

We went to Forte de Copacabana on one of our first days in Rio. When you go around Rio, you'll actually notice that almost every point »

Back in Texas

I've been gad about updates over the past week since we were in Rio. Since we were in a hotel room in Rio, when we put »


The MaracanĂ£ Stadium was originally built as the municipal stadium of Rio, meaning that any team in the city can use it, but no team can »

Arrived in Rio

We were lucky in our flight from Campinas to Rio de Jineiro was only about 15% full. This allowed us to move a row back so »

Cachoeira de Emas

Cachoeira de Emas is a very tiny town. The one bridge over the river in town is a single lane, and there's a light on either »